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    Social enterprise is BSDA’s plan for increasing its sustainability by growing social enterprise activities and diversifying income.    Donate Now
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    This vocational training program enables students to develop professional skills that are most desirable in the local economy.  Students will be able to find higher paying jobs, so they can support...
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    In terms of health, Cambodia has seen great progress in recent years, with HIV prevalence decreasing markedly thanks to outreach programs delivered by NGO’s like BSDA throughout the country. The use...
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    The foundation of our strategy is our theory of change – how we believe we can have the greatest ability to empower and support vulnerable people in social and economic development...
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BSDA’s Story

Who we are

BSDA is a Cambodian run NGO, established in 2005 in response to criticism from the villagers around the Wat Nokor Bachey temple west of Kampong Cham City….

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Education for all

Contribute to a comprehensive Cambodian inclusive education system that caters for every child including children with disability, indigenous, girls, poor, remote and over-age people. Project Objectives Encourage and enable street...
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WE CONTRIBUTE TO fullfill their happiness

“I am very thankful for the knowledge and help i got from BSDA and also grateful for the financial support and care of my Godparent that allowed me to study. You changed my life! I wish you to continue to develop your organization and be able to help more vulnerable people”….

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