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Direct beneficiaries of the program are street children, orphans and vulnerable children in Kampong Cham, Kampong Siem and other neighbour districts of Kampong Cham province. These children are vulnerable to different forms of social issues including HIV/AIDS, child labour and sexual abuse, human trafficking and discrimination are at risk of school dropout or have already dropped out of school. Indirect beneficiaries are the families and communities where these children come from.


Through our programs, in particular vocational training and education, we work with children and youth (aged between 15 – 24 years). Not only do youth comprise the greatest proportion of the local population, but they are also often under- provided for by the state and the most in need of services and support which BSDA provides. Working with youth is also one way in which we hope to achieve sustainable lasting change through our programs; through supporting children we hope to create a better future for Cambodia. In line with our values to support those most in need, BSDA particularly works with Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC).


As well as OVCs, BSDA targets other stigmatized or excluded groups including People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) and People Who Use Drugs (PWUD). These groups face considerable challenges in building livelihood security; the biggest barriers are often a lack of access to quality, affordable healthcare, and limited income generating opportunities. Through our health programs, BSDA works to improve access to health services and supports beneficiaries to generate income and improve nutrition through small scale agriculture.


BSDA strongly encourages women and girls to participate in our programs, and takes special care to ensure that we meet their needs. Not only are women typically underserved in Cambodian society, but we also recognize the important role which they play in social and economic development, in particular applying their knowledge and resources to improving the wellbeing of their families. However, BSDA does not work exclusively with women, rather we seek to work with groups which are representative of our target populations and routinely tracks participation in our by male and female community members to monitor that we are achieving this.


BSDA works with communities in Kampong Cham(1), Tbong Khmom(2), Kampong Chhnang(3), Pursat(4) and Kho Kong(5) Province in Eastern Cambodia. Our programs mainly target the following types of people:


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