Realising children's rights through improved local goverance in Cambodia

Overall objective

To contribute to improved governance, accountability, inclusiveness and compliance with child and human rights in decision-making processes that affect children and youth

Specific objectives

■ To empower civil society organizations (CSOs), including children and youth groups and child rights umbrella organizations and networks, to hold local authorities (LAs) and public service providers accountable for monitoring and fulfilling the rights of children and young people.
■ To strengthen the capacity of local authorities and public service providers (especially in birth registration and education) to protect and fulfil the rights of children and young people through improved service provision and public financial management.

Expected results

■ By 2019 civil society, including children and youth clubs, influence decisions and processes of local authorities and public service providers.
■ By 2019 LAs and public service providers are more inclusive, transparent and accountable in decision making, service provision and resource allocation, especially with respect to issues affecting children and young people.

BSDA staffs will provide the training to be able to effectively work with children, commune councils and service providers, particularly primary schools. The activity includes training on:
1. Child-sensitive commune budget management,
2. Child participation in the commune development process and
3. The child participation action/research/assessment child rights assessment tool to be provided by SC.
Conduct training to child and youth club leaders including girls and deprived children on Child Participation in Commune Development Process and action research/assessment/child rights assessment tool. Provide financial and technical support to children to participate in CIP process/school development plan and monitoring.
Support children and youth groups to conduct:
– meetings at village level (to identify child issues, sharing, monitoring progress of children situation in villages…)
– child participatory action research/assessments (district based).
– consultations and launch their findings with stakeholders (one per province).
– quarterly meetings at district level. Provide support to CSOs, including children to join and input in writing the CRC supplementary report, at provincial and national level.
Conduct public awareness raising on child rights, including the rights to birth registration, education and participation through the media. Conduct quarterly community awareness activities for children’s rights, birth registration and the benefit of child education. Conduct national project launching workshop for key stakeholders to inform about the project. Support local authorities and school support committees including children to conduct social service mapping (SSM) to identify most deprived children into their annual plans and to allocate adequate budget. Conduct training (including e coaching) on:
– Child Participation in CIP process
– Child sensitive in local budget management to LA and School principal.
Financial and technical support to local authorities/school support committees to conduct dialogue meetings with CSOs to include children in their community (children’s issues, quality services, open budgets and information, commune mechanism in monitoring and protecting children). Support financial and technical coaching to CC, CCWC and School Principals to conduct CRIA. Conduct consultative and orientation meetings for CRIA.

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