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Income generation


Households have improved livelihood to support their children to go to school
■ Improve the economic livelihood of families with school-aged children who either receive or qualify for the MKK scholarship program, and therefore target poverty, a root obstacle of educational attendance.
■ Implement a sustainable community infrastructure that can function as a source of village support, monitoring, and accountability both during and after the course of the project.
■ Create a project design that takes into account long term sustainability and the potential for future community improvements.
■ Define a clear BSDA to community structure that has paths for communication, support, and monitoring.

GlobeMed at Denver University and BSDA have elected to create an income generation project that will provide loans for the creation of small businesses. This project aims to improve the livelihood of families who were receiving scholarship for their children to attend school in conjunction with Mekong Kampuchea Kids (MKK) Project and Cambodian Consortium for out of School Children (CCOSC).
With the founding of GlobeMed in 2011, the project has shifted to the building of fish ponds to a systemic chicken raising project to now evolving to Income Generation through the assessment of needs in the communities.
MKK & CCOSC provide scholarship for students to attend school, the scholarship covering clothing, school supplies, and food for the child awarded in the family. Although the one student in the family is supported, the rest of the family on may still lack money to provide support, thus impeding on children’s ability to complete school.

CCOSC is an inclusive Cambodian education system that cater to all children living in poverty, with an aim to increase enrollment rate in schools through specific steps. The needs assessment, conducted in June‑July of 2015 identified three reasons as to why children were not attending school:
1. lack of awareness about importance of education
2. the environment puts pressure on children to drop out
3. poverty.
The solutions provided from the community assessment were to utilize small business loans coupled with training and support to target the underlying systemic and social obstacles to school attendance by addressing poverty.
After home visiting and interviewing, there are 20 beneficiaries been chosen in Kampong Cham Province. The target areas are Sombomeas, Beong Kok, Veal Vong Communes in Kampong Cham District and Ampil, Krola Communes in Kampong Siem District. Each beneficiary is provided by 200$ as a loan and pays back 20$ every 2 months within one and half years.

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