Chicken Raising

Sustainable Action Against HIV/AIDS

Project Goal

Assist PLHIV (People Living with HIV) to increased household income generation
■ Improve access of PLHIV to a loan for building their household income generation.
■ Improve chicken raising skills for PLHIV.

In September 2011, BSDA and GlobeMed at the University of Denver began their partnership in order to implement and livelihood improvement activities for People Living with HIV (PLHIV) in Tbong Khmom Province. The targeted areas are the Kok, Dountei, Kro Nhung, Tropeang Plong, Kong Kang, Kandaol Chrum Communes in Punhear Kraek District, and Chak, Damrel, Ampil Tapok, Mian, Korngchey, Toul Sophi Communes in Oreang Ov District.
The GlobeMed strategy falls under the Sustainable Action Against HIV/AIDS in Community (SAHACOM) project, which strives to reduce the impact of the disease by:
– increasing access to medication
– improving the health and quality of life
– providing education about HIV, nutrition, family planning
– reducing community stigma
– implementing opportunities for community leadership and livelihood building.
Within SAHACOM, the 400 beneficiaries are organized into 12 groups, each a different commune, under elected Community Support Volunteers (CSVs). These CSVs are given a $50/month stipend and lead monthly meetings to educate and discuss all problems that the other beneficiaries may have. GlobeMed supports the livelihood initiative aspect of SAHACOM by providing loans that encourage individual enterprise through chicken raising and selling.
Up to now we have 4 generations that we have provided loans to 70 beneficiaries in 8 self-help groups. PLHIV are provided by loans from $78 to $120 for building their household income generation.
Community Service Officer (CSO) conducts monthly meeting on two topics: the health condition of beneficiaries and chicken raising business. During the meeting, beneficiaries share their health condition, raising chicken problems or anything they need to help with. Collecting all the information, we arrange home visiting, following up training to help them overcome those problems.

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