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In terms of health, Cambodia has seen great progress in recent years, with HIV prevalence decreasing markedly thanks to outreach programs delivered by NGO’s like BSDA throughout the country. The use of the public health services has improved but remains low, with private sector services dominating but these are perhaps not the most appropriate providers to best meet the needs of the poor. The World Bank sees an important role for NGOs in improving access to and the use of public health services; an idea which is core to BSDA’s activities in the field of health.
As well as HIV/AIDS, BSDA is working in the area of substance abuse, where there is a growing epidemic which presents a major challenge in terms of mental health, HIV transmission and other related social problems.

The project aim is to achieve full coverage and maintenance in Kampong Cham sites of high quality comprehensive care, treatment, and support services for People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) and Orphan Vulnerable Children (OVC), in order to improve and integrate the HIV-related services for health, social welfare and impact mitigation with existing home & community-based care services and increase access to services, HIV knowledge and related behavior change among community member by reducing discrimination and stigma.

Project Objectives

  • Increase access to medication to reduce the the disease’s impact.
  • Improve health and living quality.
  • Provide education about HIV, family planning, and nutrition.
  • Reduce community stigma.
  • Implement opportunities about leadership and livelihood building.

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