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The foundation of our strategy is our theory of change – how we believe we can have the greatest ability to empower and support vulnerable people in social and economic development processes.

Project Objectives

  • To increase the use of environmentally friendly practices and Climate Change Adaptation to contribute to sustainable livelihoods.
  • Integrate environmental awareness and climate adaptation into our programs (e.g. building agriculture and livelihood skills which are adaptable to climate change among health and education beneficiaries, creating products from recycled goods for sale by social enterprise, using renewable energy sources).
  • Promote Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) (e.g. promote One Village One Product).
  • Raise awareness of environmental issues among communities and support them to minimise their impact/protect the environment.
  • Explore the potential of technology to reduce environmental impact.

Besides providing vocational skills, we also teach organic farming for students while they’re staying at RFKV as one of the daily activities. We wish to provide an environment with green trees, beautiful garden and healthy farm with vegetables & fruits, to strengthen student’s livelihood skills.
Furthermore, there’s an agriculture staff who works on the farm to make sure the farm is taking good care and provide enough vegetables or fruits for student’s daily needs to reduce the expenditure for food.
The Organic farm is designed to reduce 26% the expenditure of food. The first quarter of 2016, the farm has been planting cucumbers, long beans, okras and bananas. It is already 100kgs fruits and vegetables available to support daily food. On the second quarter, due to the drought, the land was too dry to grow anything on the farm.
And then the next step of the farm is to plant lemon trees. It is designed to plant 1,000 lemon trees in 2 years until harvest. Smile Social Enterprise is also involved with business plan. The farm will be taking care by Rice Field Kid’s Village students. It’s also one of vocational training skills.  The lemons will be sold for wholesale and retail; in the markets, restaurants, families in Kampong Cham. Furthermore, the farm will be open for visitors.

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