Basic Education

Improve learning environment to develop children’s education
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We aim to improve children’s learning outcomes and better development through improving the quality of the learning environment for basic education.

Project Objectives

By the end of 2018, children in Save the Children supported schools achieve better learning outcomes in literacy.
Support at home and in the community the children who are learning to read.

  • Provide access to appropriate books and other print materials in and out the school.
  • Increased capacity of parents and pre-school teachers to provide school readiness and early literacy support for children aged 3-5 years.
  • Teachers have the necessary competence and motivation to teach literacy and provide customized teaching to support all the children at any level.

Schools supported by “Basic Education” project provide children with access to quality learning environments.

  • Increased capacity of schools to implement the quality learning environment (QLE) self-assessment and planning tool.
  • Strengthened school mechanism for receiving and responding to complaints from fellow learners and teachers related to discrimination, violence, intimidation, bullying and harassment.
  • Coordinate with health centres to provide a minimum package of health-services to students.
  • Schools and District of Education have more accurate and reliable data to inform priorities and planning, including the information related to issues of marginalized groups access to education, children learning environment and achievements.
  • Improved capacity of Province and District of Education to support schools in development and implementation of instruction plans.

We work with PTTC, Province and District of Education and Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport as well as communities to improve the accessibility and quality of basic education for children, particularly from disadvantaged groups. Through this collaboration, we ensure children graduate with good literacy and a skill set allowing them to thrive. We increase the enrolment of children into basic education, improving their learning outcomes and development in our target schools of Koh Kong, Pursat and Kampong Chnang province. For children struggling to access school we have implemented different methods, such as flexible and accelerated learning programs, and have established new community schools. We promote inclusive education by supporting the most disadvantaged children (children from ethnic minorities, children with disabilities and children from poor families) to go to school and make sure their needs are met in the classroom.

In BSDA work in education we use a holistic approach following a Quality Learning Environment (QLE) framework. With this in mind we look at children’s emotional and psychological needs, ensure their wellbeing and protection, create a supportive and safe school environment and promote active learning. Parents and community members are actively involved in the process. We believe these factors are pre-requisites for children’s learning and development.

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